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Carly Smith


Paradigm Missions

San Diego, California


In the height of Covid, God called me away from my lifelong home in Manhattan, Kansas to be a missionary for Him in California. After giving my entire self for 4 years to collegiate outreach through FOCUS, my heart has only grown in my desire to really love the people here. I've seen Jesus turn lives around, giving people abundant life and purpose. I've come to believe that San Diego is the way to reach California for Jesus Christ and California is the way to reach the whole world for Him. The best way to change a culture is by making sure each person is seen, known and loved - Paradigm Missions has the aim of doing just that! This city has recently caught on fire with the Holy Spirit and we need more laborers for the harvest! I'm excited to see San Diego continue to transform through the local investment of our team of Paradigm Missionaries!

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Carly Smith

Contact Me

(785) 340-2273

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