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John Bishop

Executive Director


Des Moines, Iowa


John Bishop serves as Executive Director of Forge (website forthcoming), a family formation company with a strategic emphasis on fathers and sons. Katelyn Bishop serves as Executive Director of the Bishop Household. Together, they are raising three children and live in Des Moines, Iowa. John and Katelyn got their start with FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students), where they served at several campuses and in various leadership positions.

While working at FOCUS, John earned a PhD in theology at the Catholic University of America. His studies emphasized marriage, family, and sexuality, with a particular focus the thought of Pope Saint John Paul II. Shortly after completing his doctorate, John felt called to found an organization devoted to families. Fundamentally, Forge is an organization that responds to the collapse of family-based, Christian society in the face of pagan sexuality. Forge's strategy is to find and form men to fight for the family. Through research, education, and grassroots initiatives, Forge champions the flourishing of the family, and, through the beauty of that flourishing, evangelizes the world.

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John and Katelyn Bishop

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(254) 733-8042

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