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Marc Desa

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200 009

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Ninety-two percent of men and sixty-two percent of women have viewed pornography in the last month. The average age of first exposure is eight years old, with many children exposed even earlier. These sites display sexually abusive content, and incest is currently the most popular genre. Please, wake up! These are not just statistics! This addiction is destroying the body, mind, and soul of our children, spouses, and parents!

The Mantle Initiative generates therapies based on an integrated cognitive behavioural neurosomatic model that will end this crisis. Our research directors and expert panel of advisors, who hold doctorates in neuroscience, psychology, and theology, are developing a peer-reviewed program that will be scientifically tested in small groups. The porn industry does not mess around, and neither will we. The time for a solution is now, and our team will create it.

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