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Brian Gall

Mission Account ID:

200 016

Ministry Bio

Culturally Catholic seeks to proclaim a Catholic Worldview to every part of the culture. Our ministry efforts focus on speaking, writing, and content creation where we strive to spread the Gospel by helping people understand Catholicism not as a set of doctrines to believe, but as a way of understanding reality as a whole.

The name Culturally Catholic is meant to capture this theme of a Catholic Worldview. Today this term is used in a negative sense to refer to people that were raised Catholic and still practice Catholicism in some form, but seem to mostly go through the motions. It is crucial to awaken the love of Jesus Christ in these people. Properly understood however, I believe that being a cultural Catholic is actually a good thing. It ideally means to be someone who has been so formed by the culture of Catholicism that it influences every part of their worldview and lifestyle.

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