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Jeff Runyan

Mission Account ID:

200 011

Ministry Bio

Encounter Travel was established by Jeff Runyan after 23 years of experience taking groups abroad and seeing lives transformed through encounters with Christ. The formative elements of every custom mission, pilgrimage and travel adventure draw on over 17 years of missionary experience serving a variety of apostolates of the New Evangelization.

For our short-term missions we partner with local organizations, religious orders, parishes, and individuals to ensure that every mission has an authentic positive impact on the ground. Working under the blessing of the local priests and bishops, we seek to not only serve physical needs, but also to fill the deepest spiritual need of humanity, to know Christ and His Church.

Our pilgrimages are designed to transform every participant into a missionary disciple and “kick-start” evangelization when they return home.

Support for Encounter Travel will be used to build infrastructure and provide basic income for the Runyan family as we get this endeavor on its feet. The hope is that ongoing support could be used to get Catholic chaplains on trips and enable formative experiences for multitudes.

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