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Joseph Trujillo

Mission Account ID:

200 015

Ministry Bio

Mission House Denver is a formational living community dedicated to helping young adult men, who are laypeople, grow in their faith and adopt a missionary identity in their daily lives and workplaces. Our goal is to deepen our relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ through spiritual, intellectual, and human formation. This growth occurs within the framework of communal living, aimed at single men, to prepare them for whichever vocation God calls them to, with a strong foundation in commitment to prayer, intentional community, and missionary discipleship.

We believe that laymen are called to be leaders in the Domestic Church and as Missionary Disciples of Christ Jesus, shining His light in the world. To address the root causes that prevent men in our society from embracing this role—such as isolation, lack of community, accountability, and guidance—we provide a space where men can live together and adopt this lifestyle. Our program offers structure, routine, accountability, and brotherhood. By raising funds to support our formation program and organizational costs, we aim to remove financial barriers that might prevent men from committing to our way of life, especially in a society where the cost of living can deter additional expenses for personal faith formation.

Joseph Trujillo, the founder of Mission House Denver, has years of experience in guiding others through various roles, including as a volunteer firefighter/EMT, fire academy instructor, professional fly-fishing guide, and Catholic missionary. For more information about Mission House Denver or to contact us, please visit our website or email us at

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